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Medical Astrology

Medical Astrology
All nine planets play a significant role in regards to matters of health and wellbeing. Each zodiac sign represents a certain part of the human body and every planet can be associated with a different health problem. An individual’s planetary position at birth clearly indicates the nature of diseases one can suffer from. Vedic astrology is a great tool for diagnosing diseases on the basis of viewing an individual’s planetary placement at birth. In fact, when looking at a horoscope, Saturn is responsible for life expectancy and the 8th house determines one's longevity. If Saturn is placed strong amongst other planets in your Kundli (horoscope), then one may be blessed with a long life! While Vedic astrology is not a substitute for medical treatments or advice, an astrological analysis from a qualified astrologer can provide insightful information regarding an individual’s health and wellbeing.

Match Making & Relationship

Match Making Astrology
VVedic astrology is a proven method of horoscope matching based on looking at the moon, nakshtra, points, mangal dosh, etc. of both individuals. It also includes an analysis of the nine planets of both individuals to determine compatibility. However, asides from compatibility, many other factors need to be studied thoroughly. 5 other important factors that need to be analyzed include:

  • Mental compatibility
  • Longevity
  • Financial stability
  • Health issues
  • Child birth

Business & Career Consultation

Business and Career Consultation
Astrohora can conduct detailed analyses of individuals’ horoscopes to determine factors such as business potential. Once an individual’s birth chart is studied, which is essentially considered the blue print of life, we can provide advice based on the placement of stars and positive/negative influences observed within the chart. Identifying any problems is only the initial step; together, we can solve any obstacles using Vedic astrological remedies to ensure the success of a business venture.

Business & Career Reports

Business and Career Reports
Vedic astrology can assist in career planning and goals upon looking at key astrological components such as main sub period, KP system, Navmansha, and Astakvarga. An astrological career analysis can help determine an indivudal’s favorable periods, which can prepare individuals for times of maximum advantages and manage obstacles accordingly. Both finance and career are very important aspects of life, and these reports can provide a precise astrological view, ultimately bettering career opportunities.

Gemstone Consultation

Gemstone Consultation
Gemstones are considered very important in Vedic astrology as they serve a purposeful remedy for removing negative impacts caused by the planets. According to our ancient occult philosophy, a magnetic aura exists in the human body. Much like the planets, the human body radiates heat, light, sound, and magnetic forces; thus, gems too play their role in influencing one's life for good or bad as and when used. The location of the various planets during a person's birth can be mapped through an astrological horoscope. Upon analysis of a horoscope, it will become clear that certain planets will be well placed and favorable to an individual, while some will be unfavorable. Every person's life is therefore, the result of cosmic design. Everything in nature has the potential to benefit human beings. Much like there are nine planets, there are also nine different gemstones. These stones assist in bringing success to various factors of an individual’s life, including business, romance, love, health, litigation, gambling, etc. An individual’s time of birth has a great bearing on them throughout their life; there are gems which come into existence at a certain cosmic change and therefore, can be used for the benefit of humanity.

Special Yogas

Special Yogas
The meaning of Yoga in the Sanskrit language is a special planetary combination or conjunctions that renders high political and social power and influence, wealth, and grand success to the native. If Rajyoga, Gajakesari yoga, Shasak yoga, Panch Mahapurusa yoga, Malvya yoga, Ruchak yoga are found in one's chart, then he or she can get fame, prosperity and royal status in their life.

Ask a Question

Ask an Astrology Question
Do you have any specific (bothersome) question in your life and want some astrological guidance? If you have any problems regarding business, litigation, life partner, job, health, love life, family issues, etc., then we would be glad to help you by providing you with a thorough Vedic astrology analysis.

Love & Compatibility Reports

Love & Compatibility Reports
We can provide you with a precise astrological report regarding all your love matters. Upon looking at your natal chart, we can guide you in regards to any inquires about your soul mate, love life, enhancing your relationship with your partner, friend or boss and assist in improving your relationship. With a love and compatibility report, you can understand how compatible you and your significant other truly are, and whether or not it will last.

Wealth & Prosperity Reports

Wealth and Prosperity Reports
The wealth and prosperity report gives you analytical predictions based on your planetary position and placements. This includes an analysis of the state of your finances, recommended areas and timing of investments, areas and timing to avoid investments, remedies to improve and enhance finances. These analyses can be provide on the basis of the special yogas (special combination) found in the chart, probabilities of sudden and speculative gains; self destructive habits will also be evaluated.

Yearly Reports

Yearly Astrology Reports
The annual report (Varshphal) gives you complete predictions for the next 12 months. This report provides you with information about events that are likely to occur in the next twelve months, including business trends, health, love life, education, career, and other important aspects of life along with suggestions and remedies for improvements.