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What is Hora Kundli ?

The divisional chart "HORA" is studied for analysing the position of money, wealth, and prosperity in one's life.the study of hora is taken up along with second house of the kundli( natal chart) and the significator for this house is jupiter. According to parasara hora is a VARGA ( DIVISION) of two, the hora of sun and the hora of moon. Hora is the science of graha (planets) and rasis (zodiacal signs). the meaning of hora is time which stands for "HOUR". When you get a detailed horoscope from an astrologer you will see few charts drawn in the horoscope and one of them is called hora which plays a very important part in vedic astrology. all people are born either in the hora of the MOON or the hora of SUN. the planets are placed only in the hora of sun and the moon.VENUS, SUN and JUPITER are considered strong in the hora of SUN, and planets are strong in the hora of MOON are MARS, MOON and SATURN.

What is a transit of a planet ?

By transit we understand the passage of planets through the zodiac. any natal charts shows the characteristics, qualities and faults with which you were born, when we prepare a horoscope (kundli) as per the position of planets at the time of birth, that is known as NATAL CHART. But when we study the current position of planets in relation to one's birth, the same is known as TRANSIT OR GOCHAR. The transit are the daily motions of the planets of the solar system as they pass over our heads in the sky. we should see transit results from the moon, sun lagna, and janma lagna( birth ascendant)as a matter of fact the transit affects are to be seen in relation to the NATAL ASCENDANT for the accurate results. according to my experience the position of planets in transit has a close relationship with pronouncing the results of main/ sub periods of the planets as per the natal chart.

What is Divisional Chart ?

a divisional chart or a varga is basically erected from by dividing a sign into two parts.we will not go into the details of preparing the details chart here but will know the importance of divisional chatrts. These are studied for two purposes. firstly to see the strength of a planet by calculating, observing its placement in various divisions. if it is placed in its own sign,friendly sign or its exaltation sign in most of the devisions, it is treated to be strong.its placement in most of the divisions in its sign of debilitation provides it weak. It is important to know that divisional charts are also studied for identifying results of a particular sector of life by studying the corresponding chart along with the concerned house. for example if we want to study the general prosperity or fortune, we will study the ninth divisional chart known as NAVAMSA along with the natal chart of the person. Significations of the main divisional charts, from the various divisional charts we examine the significations against each divisional chart.

  • Hora - Wealth (Division: II)
  • Decante - Brother's Happyness, Younger Co-borns, Initiative (Division: III)
  • Turyamsa - Assets (Division: IV)
  • Shashthamsa - Health & Type of disease (Division: VI)
  • Sapthamsa - Progeny & Happiness (Division: VII)
  • Asthamsa - Longevity (Division: VIII)
  • Navamsa - Marital Happiness, Fortune & Religious Activity ( Division: IX)
  • Dasamsa - Profession, Career & Karma ( Division: X)
  • Dwadasamsa - Parents (Division: XII)
  • Chaturvimsamsa - Education (Division: XXIV)

While examining a house due importance should be given not only to the rashi (birth sign) but navamsa and other appropriate diagrams. in analysing a kundli (horoscope)the following factors should be considered carefully.

  • The strength, aspects, conjunctions, lordof the house
  • The exaltations and debilitations of the house lords are equally important
  • Each sign has certain planets well disposed or ill- disposed. for example for those born in aries the sun is good but the relation between the house lord(mars) and the sun is very important and it can not be ignored.