Who are we?

Astro Hora Inc. is an astrological organization committed to providing wholesome and effective services to its clients. The owner and founder of Astro Hora, Yogesh Pathak (M.A.), has master's degree in philosophy and has been actively, effectively and successfully working in the field of astrology for the last 25 years.

His late father Mr. Gajendra Pathak was his great source of inspiration in astrology; he was also the Vice President for All India Astrological Federation, and the recipient of multiple enormous and dignified awards.

Mr. Pathak has great value for the simple life and is regarded as a very skilled and effective counsellor who understands the depth of human nature and behavior. He has great knowledge in assisting people through their times of distress and transforming their lives for the better. He has won the admiration of many, through his untiring efforts and zeal to restore peace and the meaning of life to many broken families and relationships. This is especially due to his very friendly, patient, and soft nature in approaching delicate situations. He has clients worldwide.

As agreed by many great scholars of the world, knowledge remains a terror to the wicked but a friend to the pure and wise. The interest people possess in acquiring knowledge of astrology is increasing by leaps and bounds in contemporary society. Through enormous experience, Mr. Pathak has acquired from day to day consultations and intense study of astrology, he has come to the conclusion that most people know very little about their astrological nature.

As a matter of fact, astrology is one of the earliest sciences of all, and its presentation in a number of charts create a complexity which could only be understood through intense study and experience. It is this presentation that makes it an art, which like any other art, depends on the astrologer's skill in interpreting the relationship between the placements of a chart in relation to planetary configurations. While some people may consider astrology a superstition and fraud, it is important to note that this may be the result of ignorance and fear of exploring the unrevealed dimensions of life which carry more weight than what is physically evident. To be more precise, astrology will unfold what remains just mere speculation in the daily material and non-material interactions and makes us understand and appreciate the truths which define the facts of life. It is only through the right approach to astrology which would give us an insight into these facts, hence indicate the dimension of loss due to ignorance and prejudice relating to such matters.

To attain this level of accuracy, the science requires that the precise and actual date and time of birth as well as the place of birth be known. Apart from personal predictions, the experience and intuitive nature of the genuine astrologer enables him to predict on other worldly aspects. Personal horoscopes entirely depend on the vibration from different planets; personal horoscope is presented in a typical chart which is divided into twelve houses with every house covering different subjects as shown in the chart.

Kundli Chart

Astrology Introduction

Belief in astrology is universal and ancient. Many great figures in history, such as Caesar, Ronald Regan, and Nancy Regan were avid users of astrology. After the assassination attempt on Ronald Regan in 1981, astrological analysis was used to determine when the bad and best times were for the president to do everything from signing bills to foreign travels. Regan was the first president since Jefferson was elected in a year ending with "o" who was not killed while in office. The greatest men of the world believed and practiced astrology. Kepler, Pythagoras and Democrats were masters in astrology. ALBERT EINSTEIN, JP MORGAN, SIR ISAAC NEWTON, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, PLATO (PHILOSOPHER), were all believers of astrology. Alexander of Macedonia consulted an astrologer before his invasion of India. Even during World War Il, the Nazis and the allies both appointed astrologers to assist them in their campaigns.

Based on Mr. Pathak's enormous experience in astrology, he can confidently say that the planetary position at the time of one's birth can reveal the entire course of one's future. Vedic astrology is not limited to an individual; it can also reveal the fates of nations, business corporations, and any entity within this world. While astrology is pure, astrologers may be faulty. Mr. Pathak has come across several instances when the astrological conclusions of others have been wrong due to personal bias or oversight of some other influences. Of course there are limitations of astrology but this does not imply that astrology is wrong. The planetary positions do indicate details of everyday life. Astrology is not based on accidents; it is capable of satisfying the most difficult philosophical students. From his childhood, he has been interested in finding out for his own satisfaction about whether there is any intelligence guiding this cosmos and whether man is absolutely dependent on external forces. Being a philosophy student, he wanted to discover things for himself, for his own curiosity and conviction and to his own logical nature. In this search for knowledge and with the help of his father, astrology has helped him immensely. In fact, in the Upanishads, it has been stated that life does not originate merely from a combination of sperm and ovum, but a third force which is the divine we call the Supreme Being. The mighty intelligence guides the course of life. The birth star of the individual shows all these. We must remember that the individual is guided by his own KARMA, weather he has done in his past will come back during the course of his future incarnations. In fact, most of the people believe of karma from previous birth but this does not imply that Vedic astrology under fatalism. You always have free will but our previous karma creates a certain situation which we must exercise our free will. As a matter of fact, reincarnation is the other side of karma. This can be studied in the horoscope by looking at the 5th, 9th and 12th house accordingly. Karma and reincarnation taken together control can guide the individual to their future destiny and that is why our future life is so much PREDETERMINED! Without reincarnation there can be no astrology, it's the KARMIC patterns indicate the balance of 'KARMAS" that the native is carrying as well as his mission or task in this life. And the beauty of astrology is that the karmic pattern could be studied in a horoscope. The wheel of life and death does not crush the individual with the same intensity. By the knowledge of stars - nakshatra (constellation) one develops adjustability in his career and reduces binding influences of karma. Whether-the knowledge of astrology is used for material or spiritual growth of the individual or the society the depth of insight would depend upon the spiritual enlightenment of the individual. Astrological knowledge is of immense help and importance, astrology is indeed an ocean from which everyone fetches pearls according to one's education, training, experience. Mr.Pathak collected horoscopes of number of people from various walks of life, ranks, temperaments and peculiarities and studied them in the light of the principles of PARASARI. He has mainly followed parasari theory in which the future of man can be revealed with sufficient accuracy. Astrology must not be confused with witchcraft, card shuffling, palmistry, sorcery, it interprets what it conceives to be the future man as moulded by his previous karma and indicated by the planetary position at the time of birth. Astrology is both science and art. Like any other art, it depends on the astrologer’s skill in interpreting the placement and integral relationship of a chart. With experience it improves the practice but the genius astrologer is just as rare as any other field.

What is Hora Kundli ?
The divisional chart "HORA" is studied for analyzing the position of money, wealth, and prosperity in one's life. The study of Hora is taken up along with second house of the kundli (natal chart) and the signifier for this house is Jupiter. According to parasara, Hora is a VARGA ( DIVISION) of two, the hora of sun and the hora of moon. Hora is the science of graha (planets) and rasis (zodiacal signs). The meaning of hora is time which stands for "HOUR". When you get a detailed horoscope from an astrologer you will see few charts drawn in the horoscope and one of them is called hora which plays a very important part in vedic astrology. All people are born either in the hora of the MOON or the hora of SUN. The planets are placed only in the hora of sun and the moon. VENUS, SUN and JUPITER are considered strong in the hora of SUN, and planets are strong in the hora of MOON are MARS, MOON and SATURN.

What is a transit of a planet ?
By transit we understand the passage of planets through the zodiac. Any natal chart can show the characteristics, qualities, and faults with which you were born, when we prepare a horoscope (kundli) as per the position of planets at the time of birth, that is known as NATAL CHART. But when we study the current position of planets in relation to one's birth, the same is known as TRANSIT OR GOCHAR. The transit are the daily motions of the planets of the solar system as they pass over our heads in the sky. We should see transit results from the moon, sun lagna, and janma lagna( birth ascendant)as a matter of fact the transit affects are to be seen in relation to the NATAL ASCENDANT for the accurate results. According to my experience the position of planets in transit has a close relationship with pronouncing the results of main/ sub periods of the planets as per the natal chart.

What is Divisional Chart ?
A divisional chart or a varga is basically erected from dividing a sign into two parts. We will not go into the details of preparing the details chart here but it is important to recognize the purpose of divisional charts. These are studied for two purposes. Firstly, to see the strength of a planet by calculating, observing its placement in various divisions. if it is placed in its own sign, friendly sign or its exaltation sign in most of the divisions, it is treated to be strong. Its placement in most of the divisions in its sign of debilitation provides it weak. It is important to know that divisional charts are also studied for identifying results of a particular sector of life by studying the corresponding chart along with the concerned house. For example, if we want to study the general prosperity or fortune, we will study the ninth divisional chart known as NAVAMSA along with the natal chart of the person. Significations of the main divisional charts, from the various divisional charts we examine the significations against each divisional chart.

  • Hora - Wealth (Division: II)
  • Decante - Brother's Happyness, Younger Co-borns, Initiative (Division: III)
  • Turyamsa - Assets (Division: IV)
  • Shashthamsa - Health & Type of disease (Division: VI)
  • Sapthamsa - Progeny & Happiness (Division: VII)
  • Asthamsa - Longevity (Division: VIII)
  • Navamsa - Marital Happiness, Fortune & Religious Activity ( Division: IX)
  • Dasamsa - Profession, Career & Karma ( Division: X)
  • Dwadasamsa - Parents (Division: XII)
  • Chaturvimsamsa - Education (Division: XXIV)

While examining a house due importance should be given not only to the rashi (birth sign) but navamsa and other appropriate diagrams. in analysing a kundli (horoscope)the following factors should be considered carefully.

  • The strength, aspects, conjunctions, lord of the house
  • The exaltations and debilitations of the house lords are equally important
  • Each sign has certain planets well disposed or ill- disposed. For example, for those born in aries the sun is good but the relation between the house lord(mars) and the sun is very important and it can not be ignored.